Investment Tip: How to Make Enough Money to Buy Your Own Gallery

Investment Tip: How to Make Enough Money to Buy Your Own Gallery

gallerySo, this is something that’s been on my mind for quite some time. It’s actually something of a lifelong dream of mine – to purchase my own art and photo gallery where I can showcase my own portfolios as well as fellow photographers and artists. While the internet gives everyone plenty of opportunity to show off their various works to a big audience, you really can’t beat the feeling of an old-fashioned exhibition with items on actual canvasses being displayed. Owning your own place also gives you a better chance to network on a personal level, as you can easily make it the local hotspot by combining the benefits of a physical location with online promotion.

It’s easier said than done, though, and for most it will only be a dream and not much else. The real estate market is not a cheap place to visit, and even though financial advisors expect property values to fall in the coming years, you still need a substantial sum of money if you some day want to call yourself gallery proprietor.

If you don’t have x amount of hundreds of thousands in your bank account at the moment, you will need to make a few well-placed investment choices.

Make a Long-term Plan and Invest Accordingly

First of all, you should set aside at least ten years to give your investment a chance to grow into its full potential. If you’re out to make a quick buck, you might as well put your money in a savings account. You won’t get that big of a return – a few measly percent per year, at most – but at least it’s a safe bet, whereas throwing your funds at a high-risk, fast alternative is a great way to lose everything before you’ve even got yourself started.

A traditionally proven and safe investment option is the way to go, especially as it’s a major goal in life for me. I’m not in a rush, so I don’t need to go about looking for “the next hot thing”. What I need is an investment that will more or less guarantee a growth of my funds. It may not give me as high an annual return as some of the more volatile stock options and bonds, but I know that in a couple of years, I will sit pretty comfy on a steadily growing nest egg. Better safe than sorry and all that.

I currently have invested 50k of my savings, with all the profits going to my personal dream project. It’s not the biggest investment you could make, I know, but it’s still a good amount to start with for a private investor. 50k won’t cripple you economically, but at the same time give you enough wiggle room as a beginner. And if you pick the right choice, it’s also a sum big enough to generate some real healthy profits.

How to Best Invest Your 50k for a Good Return

I’m no financial genius – heck, I don’t know the first thing about the stock market. I’m a grounded guy who’s living in the real world and I’d like to know that my investment is backed by something that has real value and is not susceptible to the whims of global market economy. My interest in investing is close to zero and simply a means to an end, that’s all. Give me something that I can actually see and touch, that I know has monetary value and will retain this value over time.

How to invest 50k? Simple, I put my money in gold.

invest your 50k in physical gold

Now, I’m not talking about gold stocks or company investments. No, I mean real, physical gold bars and bullions. Nowadays you can sign up with an online gold company, invest in a personal gold supply, and have them ship it straight to your house, or let them store it in an allocated space in a secure vault. I found a really good provider through Bright Golden Future, which lets me invest 50k in an individual retirement account. They have different customized portfolio packages depending on how much money you want to invest and my 50k will be diversified in gold, but also other precious metals such as platinum and palladium. I primarily went for gold, though, as it’s been proven to perform the best out of the three as of yet.

From 50k to 300k in Ten Years

Back in the 70’s, gold was valued at 37 dollars an ounce. Fast forward to 2010 and the price of gold has increased 38 times – 1410 dollars an ounce. Even if you take inflation into consideration, that’s a huge return on your investment. Just the last ten years, gold has doubled in value six times over. My original 50k worth of gold would go for nearly 300,000 if I decided to sell it off today. I’m not going to, as most financial estimates predict another big economic recession right around the corner. In the case of another market crash, my gold investment will not only keep its value but will most likely increase even more.

In uncertain financial times, gold investors continue to prosper.

This single choice has gotten me well within reach of having my very own gallery in the near future. I’ll sit on my gold for a couple more years, and hopefully by then it’s enough to let me realize my dream once I decide to sell off my investment.

Want to know the best way to invest 50k in order to get you closer to your own dream – perhaps your own gallery? Make an investment in physical gold and watch your money stack up over the next years.

sit on your investment